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Clear Instructions to Manage Classroom Activities
By Lauren Platt, eHow Contributor
Many off-task and disruptive behaviors arise when students do not have a coherent sense of direction in classroom activities. Ambiguous directives are frustrating for both students and teachers and lead to feelings of failure and purposelessness. Without clear instructions, it is only natural that students will drift away from activities and engage in off-task behaviors such as talking. Concise instructions and clear expectations are the cornerstone of effective classroom management and successful learning activities.
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Academic Focused Activities * Extracurricular activities that focus on academic areas include the school newspaper, quiz team, science club, school government, debate team or journalism club. Each of these activities promotes academic excellence and provides students with an opportunity to expand their content knowledge outside the classroom. While building leadership skills, students will also learn the benefits of technical writing, keeping and meeting deadlines and public speaking. Students will also have opportunities to broaden their content knowledge about unfamiliar subjects by conducting research in preparation for debates or academic competitions.
Athletic Focused Activities * Extracurricular activities that focus on athletics include sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, softball, cheerleading, football and soccer. Some schools offer even more sports teams to join, and some students play a different sport each season. Being part of an athletic team allows students to learn important life skills such as cooperation, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, leadership and dedication. Students learn the importance of working together, and many stereotypes and barriers are broken on the field. Participation in sports often results in lifelong friendships. *
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