Essay on Institutional Social Welfare : A Role Model

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Institutional social welfare is in place to prevent problems. They provide benefits or services to people before a problem arises (p.39). My perspective on the institutional aspect that I volunteered at was like any institution that I had volunteered at. The Boys & Girls Club aspect was to just enjoy working with the children and act like a good role model for the children. They wanted good volunteers who were willing to help, play and interact with the children. I love to play with children and I like helping them, but there is one thing that, I cannot be and that is a role model to the children. I can see all of my flaws and I would not any children to look up to me as a role model. I am not a bad person, I just prefer people to learn to become their own role model, like take things that they like about certain peoples and put it together to create themselves. Being a role model was not my thing, but I can be a good friend and buddy that will help, play and try to understand the children. One issue that I was specifically aware was of before I got involved with this institution is that I will be working with children who come from many different backgrounds. I was worried that I may not be able to understand and interact with these children because I was from a different background, too. As these children were really curious and asked so many questions that I thought it would be hard to explain about myself to these children. It was not about them understanding me, but my…

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