Institutional Racism : African Americans Essay

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Have our innocent minds been corrupted in a way that we don’t even realise that institutional racism has caused so many people a great amount of pain? This is something that happens every day yet we don’t pay attention to it since it doesn’t directly involve many of us. Suffering at the hands of the educational system and the government is something that always happens to people with an ethnic background in the United States. This is what we call institutional racism. Today I will be talking about the ways in which institutional racism occurs in American society, causes of institutional racism and how the American government is ensuring that it minimised.

Institutional racism is viewed in many ways within the American society, which was founded on the discrimination of slavery. This can be seen in the Jim Crow racial caste system, which regulated African Americans to the status of second class citizens, according to Ferris State University. Imagine being paralysed by racial discrimination, unable to go anywhere or do anything without your race impacting on your opportunities in life. Imagine if your own religion was twisted against you? This was the reality of many African Americans during the time of Jim Crow laws. Even church leaders claimed that blacks were cursed to be servants and that God supported racial segregation, which finally ended in 1954. Although this horrible discrimination has now officially ended, instutionalised racism still corrupts justice in the…

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