Essay on Institutional Analysis : Institutional Elder Abuse

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Institutional Elder Abuse in Canada
The topic of my paper is ‘Institutional Elder Abuse in Canada’. Particularly, two incidents drew my attention to research on this topic. First, I witnessed some evidences of mistreatment and neglect to elder clients during my clinical placement in the first semester in one of the long-term cares in Toronto. When the clients were unwilling to get up or eat and delay in doing daily activities, the care givers would force them and at some point handle them aggressively or leave them unattended. Secondly, when I saw some heart-wrenching abusive behaviors towards the residential elder clients in a video, ‘BBC Documentary Panorama Behind Closed Doors.’(2014), posted for the online discussion for Health and Aging course, I could not help searching institutional elder abuse in Canada. It was my light-bulb moment to research on the topic. So, in this paper, I am going to discuss about institutional abuse, their effect in healthy aging and measures of solution.
Elder abuse is any kind of intentional mistreatment that causes harm to old people. It is a serious social issue, which has direct impact on health and healthy aging. As evidences of elder abuse are increasing every year, it is drawing more attention at the moment throughout the world. The Department of Justice, Canada, defines, “Elder abuse is an action, deliberate behaviour or failure to act, by a person in a position of trust- like an adult child, family member, friend or caregiver-that…

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