Instagram : Marketing Tools For Your Brand Promotion Essay

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4 Instagram Marketing Tools to Better Manage Your Brand Promotion

Are you using Instagram for your business?
Are you looking for better Instgram management tools?
Many social media marketers still haven’t adopted Instagram for their brand promotion because it doesn’t provide the right marketing tools to assist them use it efficiently and effectively. Here are few of Instagram marketing tools to help you become more effective with Instagram.
Why Instagram?
Instagram is one of the rapidly growing photograph and video sharing social media platform with over 150 million users and 18 billion photographs shared. Over 50 million photographs are shared on Instagram everyday to engaged fans and followers community.
Google Trends show you the number of searches for most vibrant photo-sharing platform – Instagram. As you can see, over than the last year it has improved it 's community significantly and is set to improve more in 2015.
There are many brands that follow the norm, and there are some brands that go beyond the norm. After which you will find brands, just a few of these although, which don’t actually think about the significantly-journeyed-route to be ‘norm’. They interrupt, they change, plus they established themes for brand new norms.
Whilst businesses around the globe continue to be attempting to determine ways they are able to utilize Instagram to interact using their customers, Ikea went forward and produced world’s initial interlinked site on Instagram. Indeed, anyone…

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