Essay on Inspirational Influences Of The Harlem Renaissance

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Mi’esha Straughn
Mrs. McIntyre
Honors English 11
6 May 2016
Inspirational Influences of the Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance was a period of social, cultural, and artistic inspiration for all African Americans that spanned throughout the 1920’s. Being an African American in the 1920’s portrayed racial prejudice and injustice. The experience of life during the Harlem Renaissance can be compared by numerous artists and writers. Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, and Langston Hughes are among the many writers who characterized life during the Harlem Renaissance in their poems. The literary works of these writers showed the importance of pride, hope, and integrity during tough situations.
Claude McKay had a large impact on the Harlem Renaissance. His many novels and poems reflected African American life and culture. McKay’s most famous poem, “If We Must Die”, was a strong and influential piece on the mistreatment African Americans dealt with at this time. This piece also pushes the ideas of fighting for what is right and standing up for what you believe in (Weisz). Claude McKay wrote “If We Must Die” amid the violence and bloodshed of 1919, and in this poem he encourages his community to take action and to fight back. However, McKay 's "If We Must Die" goes beyond other poets, such as Emily Dickinson 's fantasies about death or the musings of Romantic poets like Coleridge and Keats. We get the idea that the speaker of "If We Must Die" isn 't thinking about death in the…

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