Inspector Calls By J. B Priestley Essay

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inspector calls was written by J . B Priestley in 1945. It was set in midland town in 1912. Inspector calls was based around a family that got a visit from a visit regarding the death of a woman named Eva smith. The inspector came to visit a well respected family also known the Birling family, to ask questions whether they knew this young women. when this play was set in 1912 the society was not equal, people from higher class and that had good job where more powerful, whereas the lower class were treated badly and worked in factories/industry or they were homeless. The women were also not treated equally as they stayed home and did housework, they were seen lower than men and less then them. In the play we see how people like Mr Birling ( The ruling class ) did not want things to be changed at all. J.B Priestley wrote the play to challenge to audience and make them think about the society and what would happen if they kept living like this, also how they should help each other and learn from past mistakes. In this essay i will discuss how Priestley presented the character of Mr Birling 's in the play.

In the play Inspector calls Priestley portrays Mr Birling as "heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties but rather provincial in his speech” From the star. Also Mr Birling 's Is covey as very confident man and a person that is in control both his family and his business. In the play we also see how Mr Birling 's is very pleased with himself and his…

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