Inside the Square: A Case Study Essay

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Introduction The Federation Square project commenced in 1998 under the Victorian Government led by Jeff Kennett. The project would take six years to complete, involve over 5000 people, cost approximately $467m and would eventually receive a significant amount of public condemnation (Crawford, 2009). The following report will analyze the sequence of events as portrayed in the ABC documentary, “Inside the Square”, against the knowledge areas of the Project Management Institutes (PMIs)

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development and management was also employed effectively by the Project Manager when, upon
sensing a loss in project momentum, a group photo was organized to boost morale. These two
examples prove the effectiveness of the PMBOK knowledge areas in guiding project decisions.

Project Communication and Stakeholder Management
Perhaps the characterizing feature of the Federation Square project was conflict; the creative vision
of the architects clashed with the builders practical constraints of time and money; the project
management team clashed with the Bracks Governments mid project scope change and there was
internal conflict between the project manager and the architects when a deadline was generated for
the opening day. Such a situation needs to be managed by the Project Manager by actively
communicating internally within the project team and externally to stakeholders. The project
manager failed to actively engage and manage the situation to ensure the needs of each stakeholder
were heard and where possible, met. It is only through effective communication that other project
management knowledge areas can be implemented such as integration, scope and stakeholder

Project Integration Management
The Federation Square project manager was required to make decisions, balancing the requirements
of various stakeholders such as architects, builders and governments against the finite resources that
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