Inside The Michigan Research Community Essay

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Inside the Michigan Research Community
I. Introduction to MRC and Learning Communities
As a large public institution, the University of Michigan can be very overwhelming for some students. However, the University of Michigan does a great job of creating small communities for students with similar backgrounds, identities, or interests. One of the small learning communities at the University of Michigan is the Michigan Research Community, otherwise known as MRC. In MRC, all of the individuals involved have a similar interest in conducting research. Although members in the community have various fields of research, everyone is passionate about learning more about their respective fields and ecstatic to work with successful and well-known professors. However, MRC has many important factors that contribute to the overall community. MRC has standards and rules that make it unique, as well as a variety of discussion topics. In addition, MRC has a specific type of communication, a text that members look to, and different types of leaders and insiders. In order to thoroughly analyze MRC and other learning communities, there are many factors to examine, including the background of learning communities and MRC, the rules of the community, the numerous topics of discussion, the communication throughout the community, the important mission statement, and the different types of leaders and insiders within the community.
II. Background of MRC and Learning Communities According to the…

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