Inside Out Is The Perfect Mix Of Disney 's Pixar Animations And The Psychology Of Memory

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Inside Out is the perfect mixture of Disney’s Pixar Animations and the psychology of memory to create an educational movie for not just young children, but for adults as well. Many adults to this day do not have a clue as to how our memory works, and this movie is a great way to interest an adult to learn more. Arguably the saddest scene of the movie is when Bing Bong is permanently forgotten, and this causes one to wonder how forgetting really works. Inside out demonstrates the basic concepts of how memories are forgotten within our brain. It is known that there are three different stages of memory and forgetting can occur at each of the three stages. The information that passes through sensory memory disappears immediately unless attention is paid and it is transferred to short-term memory. Information in short-term memory decays after only ten to twelve seconds unless a way is found for transportation to the long-term memory. New information is constantly being added into short-term memory, so when it gets too crowded, information is lost. Information stored in long-term memory that is not used is soon forgotten. This becomes apparent in Inside Out as Joy and Sadness saw firsthand the terrifying pit in which forgotten memories fell. The study of nonsense syllables led to the the measurement of the three basic memory tasks. Recognition, recall, and relearning are the three tasks which help keep you from forgetting important knowledge. The first of the three is…

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