Essay on Inside Out By Pete Docter

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“Inside out” which is a adventure movie, directed by Pete Docter and released in 2015. This film talks about Riley, a 11 years old girl, who encountered brain occurred "situation" two emotions out of the command centre and the storage memory of the place to start an adventure. In this film that uses five colours to represent human’s emotional roles, which is Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. They command and control centre in the brain of a person 's emotional response and to see how it affects people’s emotions attitudes and decisions. For example, Joy who is charge of a behaviour that consider Riley’s emotion. Riley is a delightful girl; one day she is very angry and being aggressive. Not only her family members do not know what happing with her react, but also she cannot able to explain her feeling. Due to Riley’s father gets a new job and move to the new place, Riley lost her childhood memories and her friendship. Social life change is the reason that why Riley expresses this emotion. Riley has a negative impact of her life and release aggressive emotion. Riley who is a delightful girl; however, has become a sad memory to her. When you watch a film, we often might see the character’s external reaction, but we often forget or without the character’s inner function. In “Inside out” has little bit different that has let us to see how the character to face a new stage of life and control their emotional express. I really like this movie because it is a good example to…

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