Inside Hotel Samarra 's Six Square Pillared Lobby Essay

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While group crammed the lobby, Kwan saw him seated across the tranquil lobby smoking a cigarette. The white smoke whirled above as he sat in his reclusive corner wing chair. Kwan thought he looked at least in his late twenties, apparent his addiction had aged him.

His haunting eyes gazed towards the delegation, while his cigarette 's ashes speckled the black marble flooring. In silence, He mocked them and returned to staring out the lobby window with its elaborate embroidered draping. Kwan felt an uneasiness about his presence.

Inside Hotel Samarra 's six square-pillared lobby, was a singular television set broadcasting a news alert across from the Registration desk. Cara with Bryan in tow, walked towards the television followed by Tim then Kwan behind them.

A British broadcaster announced a news alert, "French President Gerron is outraged by the Iranian Government. Having halted its inspection of Iran 's nuclear program. The Iranian Officials have accused the French Diplomats of being spies. And have ordered them detailed until further notice."

"What the hell?" Bryan said with Cara at his side.

"Doesn 't sound good," Cara replied.

Both Tim and Kwan were surprised by the latest news as the television showed a video of the French Inspectors being handcuffed and pushed from their hotel.

While the students were handed their room keys by Ms St Pierre and Giselle, there was a schoolgirl shriek from the stairwell above to the lobby.

"Ry, Father is coming," Skylar said…

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