Inside Amazon : Wrestling Big Ideas Essays

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The New York Times article “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace,” written by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, employs effective use of multimodality to support their argument, which states: In order to achieve its lofty ambitions, Amazon maintains “unusually high standards” for its employees, resulting in a culture that puts work above all else—affectionately referred to as a “philosophy of work” by CEO Jeff Bezos. Kantor and Streitfeld primarily utilize the linguistic mode to make their argument to the reader; however, through subtle use of the other four modes, the argument is enhanced and made more effective at persuading the reader. The way in which Kantor & Streitfeld present their evidence in a multimodal fashion creates a narrative that seeks to explain how certain aspects of Amazon affects its employees, which in turn works to support the premises of their argument.
Kantor and Streitfeld cite an interesting predicament between employee and employer while referencing an investigation conducted by a local Pennsylvania newspaper: The Morning Call. Their article, “Inside Amazon’s Warehouse” contains compelling evidence of workplace mistreatment. Kantor and Streitfeld note that “workers...toiled in more than 100-degree heat with ambulances waiting outside, taking away laborers as they fell” (Soper & Spencer 2015). The New York Time’s inclusion and reference to the aforementioned article lends heavily to their argument that Amazon typically doesn’t…

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