Glass Ceiling Inequality

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Inequalities Within the Glass Ceiling
Inequality is a famous topic all over the world. Inequalities can be picked out of most situations. Inequality is often seen in gender roles. Through the eyes of a feminist, it is seen that women are often treated unfairly compared to men. Some examples being voting, which women couldn’t partake in until 1920. Another example is holding a job, which women couldn’t do until World War II when employers were losing male workers to the war. Women were treated as if they were the minority. Feminism is reaching the common goal of political, social, cultural and economic equality for women. A feminist wants to reach that equality and address situations that exploit the inequality. An example of an unequal situation
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Dominance is a strong term suggesting the over powering of another. If men assume dominance then they are automatically giving the women a lower standard. In the work place if males assume dominance the women are left will the lower jobs. Katrina Honeyman, Professor of Social and Economic History at the University of Leeds, explained male dominance has been integrated in businesses throughout history (148). She shared, even after women had moved into the working fields, the women’s positions as secondary workers remained firm (149). The glass ceiling was visible to these women as they couldn’t seem to move up from their secondary positions. Males saw the rise of women into the work place and maintained place by showing dominance. If the women were going to work then they are going to have lower jobs than those of the males. Although through this time there was a rise in feminization, because women were finally getting jobs, the male dominance kept the glass ceiling in tack keeping the unequal …show more content…
The glass ceiling is on aspect that is a road block to total equality. Men tend to assume they are dominate over women which created an imbalanced control. Men also assume they are smarter than women, which could be possible but not assumable. The glass ceiling barrier creates other inequalities that happen in the work place such as benefit opportunities and high pay opportunities. Through the feminist point of view the glass ceiling shows that women are still far from equal to

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