Inseption Of Tides Essay

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The Inseption of Tides
As Athens stretches her arms around the growing empire, two gods overextend their love for something small but charming. In the Aegean Sea, Poseidon and Aphrodite just welcomed two beautiful twin babies, however they were conjoined. The right side of the baby is name Iris. She is beautiful just like her mother, with her hair blonde like the blazing sun awakening in the early morning, burning with intesity. She also has striking eyes that are greener than grass, and striking ivory white teeth. She was given the honor to be goddess of joy due to the combination of her beautiful smile and laugh. On the other side there is Keta, also beautiful but in a different sense. Keta has deep black hair, dark brown eyes, razor sharp teeth and a forked serpent-like tongue. She was given
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In fact I have fallen in love with your beautiful Iris, and will ultimately make her my wife.”
As a result of Hades response, Poseidon started to attack Hades. With some of the pearls missing due to Keta and Iris, Hades does not have all of his powers to fight and conquer Poseidon, knowing this Explora comes to assist Hades during the battle. Fire, water, and wind dance through the room during this crucial battle, which lasts for about two hous. Nevertheless in the end, neither side wins. Poseidon leaves with anger, whereas Hades and Explora celebrate with optimisim. Hades knows now that nothing will stop him and Explora from keeping the twins as their prisoners.
Rather than Poseidon traveling back to his sea kingdom, he travelers to his other brother, Zeus’s kingdom in the sky. Poseidon pleads and begs Zeus to change his daughters’ fate. With nothing to do, Zeus dismisses his brother and Poseidon leaves with great sadness. Poseidon knows he only has one more option, which is to contact Iris and Keta’s mother, Aphrodite, to help the

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