The Theme Of Insanity In Hamlet And Ophelia

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“Insanity- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world” R.D. Laing. An individual in a chaotic world presents an ill state of mind, behavior and social interaction. In Timothy Findley’s The Wars, Mrs. Ross depicts lunacy as a result of her insane world, and in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet and Ophelia portray a corrupt state mind as their surroundings are hectic. Characters sanity can easily diminish in an insane environment.
Hamlet represents an insane being in society, due to his bizarre world; including his late father’s ghost and his mother’s remarriage to Claudius. Hamlet portrays a lunatic as he intrudes Gertrude’s chambers, to confront her marriage. “You are the queen , your husband’s brother wife… you go not till I set you up a glass where you may see the inmost part of
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Ross depicts lunacy because of her insane surroundings, including the war and the loss of her daughter. Mrs. Ross portrays an ill mind as she instructs Robert to murder Rowena’s rabbit. “Who’s going to kill them, then? You are” (Findley 17). This demonstrates Mrs. Ross insanity as she commands Robert to murder the rabbits a symbolic memory of Rowena, she persistently insists Robert commit the crime, acknowledging the sentimental value. In addition, Mrs. Ross’ maniacal behavior portrays as Robert enlists into war. “You 're going to go away and be a soldier. Well - you can go to hell. I 'm not responsible”. This shows her lunacy as she disregards Robert and, does not attempt to stop him, rather insult him, only later to ache in his absence, by mirroring war. Mrs. Ross insanity truly prevails as she mimics war in her hometown. “Mrs. Ross put on gardener boots and walked in mud” (Findley 152). Mrs. Ross is portrays an insanity as she mimics war, a cruel, harsh, inhuman environment in the comforts of her home, in an ill way to remember Robert . Mrs. Ross truly depicts an insane character as she commands the death of Rowena’s rabbits allows Robert to enlist and mimics

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