Insanity Defense Essay

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For years, the insanity defense has developed and turned into a difficult but sometime successful defense system in a court of law. The exact law changes from state to state however the main idea remains the same. The insanity defense could apply or be used on a person who is considered legally insane. They must have a severe mental disease or defect and must prove they were at the time of the crime, legally insane. Also said person has to prove they didn’t know the impact, quality or the nature of their act or acts (The Insanity). The insanity defense has been a controversial subject for years and years. One of the main reasons for this controversy is the inability for lawmakers to decide on a solid legal definition of insane. There are …show more content…
Those for the insanity defense do not see how this is fair. If a person knowingly and understandingly murders someone and gets sentenced to life in prison, how someone who doesn’t understand get the same punishment? The next argument for the insanity defense is the inability to form criminal intent. In most cases the prosecutor must prove beyond a doubt that the murder or crime was premeditated and the criminal intended to do commit the crime(American Civil). People who are for the insanity defense don’t normally believe that the criminal should get let off with nothing. Instead these people are for putting the insane into institutions to help them realize what they did. Prisons will not help the insane become less insane. The majority of insane people who commit crimes do not know what they are getting themselves into and cannot recognize the effects of their actions. If they do not understand their actions how can they be held responsible? The other side of this argument is the people who feel the insane should be held responsible for their actions regardless. The insanity defense could be and is seen as the easy way out of jail time. It is arguable that mental institutions are not as bad as jails. Those who have their sentenced jail time substituted in a mental hospital will not learn lessons like those in jail. Some feel since the mentally ill are still humans and

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