Inquiry Based Approach For Learning Essay

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Inquiry based approach to learning is one way that an educator can teach children in a classroom, this approach is one that can get children to be hands on. It also gets children to learn from others their own age and also share their own knowledge. It is also a great way to involve the whole class and get them to ask each other questions. Inquiry learning helps children to learn how to gather information, knowledge and understanding, along with being able to seek the truth and the topic they are discussing. Educators can struggle at times to teach an inquiry based lesson, this is because sometimes the discussions in class can go on and they may find that they run out of time.
Inquiry based is a broad pedagogical approach of learning. It has a wide spread support by educators and the education systems. The best definition for inquiry is to seek the truth, information or knowledge/understanding (Lutheran Education, n.d).
Inquiry based approach to learning is a harness that gets children to investigate, create an interest, along with engaging and meaningful curriculum that will use the child’s interests and get them to question the topic at hand to create a starting point in the classroom for effective learning (National Quality Standard, 2012).
Overall an inquiry based approach is a way for children to do their own investigation and ask questions with the information given to them from their teacher. It is also a great way for children to become interested in the topic at…

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