Innsbruck Case Study

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After analysing the results of the expert interviews, this chapter will discuss them and their importance for the overall result. The initial situation was, to find out whether major sports events in Innsbruck have any tangible and/or intangible economic impacts on the local businesses in Innsbruck and if so what they are.
The as ideally seen outcome for all the businesses in Innsbruck would be model 3 (Illustration 3) of Kurscheidt, (2009, modified after Spilling, 1999, p. 138) were the hype of the event is partly preserved and the “Hysteresis- effect” occurs were the event- induced change leads to a higher economic activity and change in local prosperity (Preuß, Kurscheidt & Schütte, 2009).
The research question: “What are
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Most of them mention that more people in the city equal a higher revenue for them. This supports Wilson´s (2006) study that additional spending is done by event visitors while they are in the city of Innsbruck. These statements lead to the verification of hypothesis 1 (H1: Major sports events in Innsbruck have quantitative economic impacts on local businesses). The question is, if one can verify hypothesis 1 100% even though the businesses did not hand over any concrete business figures? The answer is yes, because the people who were interviewed are experts in their field with a lot of experience and a great economic know- how when it comes to their business. So they can state without business figures whether a major sport event has any economic impact on them, or …show more content…
Five of the interviewed experts support the statement, that a sport event makes a contribution to the image of the host city and the partner companies. This also relates to the intangible image effect that is mentioned in various other studies which were discussed earlier (Preuß, 1999; Thöni & Philippovich, 2007). To increase the popularity of the host city/ region is one of the main reasons for a city or organiser to bid for a major sport event because of the just mentioned

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