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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan
Cap-Net International Network for Capacity Building in Sustainable Water Management
November 2009

The purpose of this document is to improve learning from the Cap-Net programme, ensure adequate monitoring of the project and assist our partner networks monitor their own activities. This monitoring, evaluation and learning plan (MELP) has been developed as a guide to monitoring and evaluation within the Cap-Net project and the tools listed are applied by the project management team and network partners. The tools will be adjusted to meet the needs of partner networks and used as a basis for addressing monitoring needs at network level. It is expected that the tools and strategy presented in this
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Table 1: Cap-Net Objectives and Outcomes
Sustainable management and development of water resources and improved access to basic water supply and sanitation services are benefiting the poor and contributing to improvement of livelihoods, environmental sustainability and reduced vulnerability to climate change

To build capacity of institutions and individuals to manage, develop and use water resources sustainably, and to adapt to increasing climate variability within a context that addresses gender equity and sustainable livelihoods;

Competence is in place resulting in improved management of water resources and delivery of water and sanitation services and accelerating implementation of IWRM. Knowledge on climate change adaptation and the relevance of water resources management is widely available and training materials taken up by many local capacity building programmes. Capacity building networks use multidisciplinary skills of competent members to scale up capacity building and actively support implementation programmes. International partners collaborate with Cap-Net as a means to effectively transfer their knowledge and programmes for widespread implementation on the ground. Knowledge management systems ensure access to the best of international and local knowledge and measure the effectiveness of capacity building services through indicators and monitoring systems.

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