Essay on Innovative Thinking : Implementing A Process Model

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Name: Neelam Jiwani
Program: MS (Information Management)
Innovative Thinking Essay: Implementing a Process Model
Syracuse University

When I joined my new project in my company, I got acquainted with the process model in place, and found it to be very ineffective and discomforting as it usually involved irregular work timings and delays in work deliverables. So I had to approach the problem and try to suggest solving it by implementing a model with the least learning curve so that the transition would not take too long or too many efforts.
According to Nelson and Winter, innovation requires a “change in routine” (Nelson, 1982). However, change is often disruptive. Hence we had to face a lot of difficulties to implement a completely new model over a model that was being used for 8 years.
The proposed model for the team was Kanbahn (Wikipedia, 2014) - a Software model that categorizes tasks into small modules according to deliverables, where each module has to pass through all of the functional units of a project team before it becomes a deliverable. Implementation of Kanbahn at a stage where the project is out of its rudimentary phase demanded a lot of change and additional efforts that were not feasible. Hence the implementation of this model was incomplete and hence it ended up being mostly waterfall.
The solution was to implement a process model that would be agile but also easy to implement. We chose Scrum (, 2014). The benefits of Scrum over its…

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