Innovative Technology Concepts : Solar Roadways Essay

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Innovative Technology Concepts – Solar Roadways One of the most innovative and interesting ideas in renewable energy to hit the streets in recent years, happens to actually be the streets! I’m talking about roadways with integrated photovoltaic panels that generate electricity! The basic concept of this technology is actually quite interesting. With over 2.5 million miles of paved roadway throughout the United States alone, even covering a fraction of those roadway surfaces with solar panels could generate enormous amounts of clean energy. There are currently two different approaches to the solar panel roadway concept, both of which are currently in the Research and Development stages with prototypes already deployed. First, a company aptly named “Solar Roadways” here in the United States, founded by Scott Brusaw, a US Marine Veteran turned Electrical Engineer and his wife. Their concept replaces traditional paved roads with 4 square foot hexagonal arrays. Each interlocking panel is individually replaceable, removing just four retaining bolts and a single electrical/data connection. The Solar Roadways design requires a sophisticated sub-surface road bed with steal support columns and poured concrete with one side designated to channeling water runoff and drainage. The other side, large enough to support underground telecommunication lines, electric power lines, DC-AC converters, roadway panel wiring and still allow for a man to fit inside to perform required servicing.…

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