Innovation Stratagy Paper Str 581 Week 2

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Innovation Strategy Paper

Amos U. Wilson, II, Belinda Cardenas, Laura Lopez, Russell Blankman

University of Phoenix

SRT/581—Strategic Planning and Implementation

Corky Sarvis

Innovation Strategy Paper

Innovation strategies are critical to business success and longevity. They allow companies to remain competitive in current trends and set the pace for future trends. VIZIO is an organization that provides high definition entertainment options and unmatchable value through televisions and home theater systems. The idea that everyone deserves to own the latest technology is the foundation for their endeavors (About, 2011). This paper serves to describe and evaluate VIZIO’s innovation strategy. It will also provide
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At the end of the second quarter in 2010, VIZIO's sales increased by 31% [pic](VIZIO, August 10,[pic] 2010). The[pic] organization is responsive to the consumers' innovative trend in technology and capitalizes by providing quality products with superb value.

SEC Filings
The SEC’s filings are for foreign and domestic companies. It requires companies to file periodic reports, registration statements, and any other forms through Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system. It is crucial for VIZIO to integrate SEC filings to new products and services. The SEC filing policy establishes internal controls and strict enforcement governing production and release of new products and services in the market that ensure protection of intangible assets such as patents, copy-protection technology, and company brand (SEC, December 31, 2010). Also, it is important for VIZIO to report accurate and reliable investment information for the company’s stakeholders, investors, and shareholders in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (Pearce & Robinson, 2011, p. 57). At this time, no SEC filings on VIZIO exist according to SEC filings online, which is vital to the company in regard to any future scrutiny.

New Products/Services

VIZIO’s vision is to provide entertainment freedom for all. That is why they want to provide the latest technology at an affordable price for

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