Innovation Management Of Autonomous Automobiles Essay

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Innovation Management of Autonomous Automobiles

The history of automobiles can be traced back to 1769 where Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot [1] built the first steam-powered engine capable of human transportation. Over the next 250 years they became progressively more sophisticated, making use of modern technologies from gasoline internal combustion engines to modern hybrid powering. Automobiles have become an integral part of every day life from personal transport to commercial usage, and they have benefited from the exponential advancement in human technology to make them faster, safer, better looking and more environmentally friendly.

But although many things appear to have changed dramatically over 250 years, until very recently, one fundamental remained. That is that a human was required to control the vehicle, to make the decisions for the vehicle, making it a reliant and unthinkable machine. That fundamental is now being challenged.

The fundamental question is, what if automobiles could control, communicate and make decisions for themselves?

With 1775 fatalities on roads in the UK in 2014[2], mainly due to human input or judgement error, the question of whether a machine with an artificial intelligence, designed to do a specific job, would be far quicker, smarter and adaptive than the human ability in this situation?

With the number of autonomous vehicles now rapidly increasing in the United States of America, it is only time until the numbers in Europe, but…

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