Innovation Management - Case Study Essay

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Innovation Management Assignment WS 2010/11 Case B: Introduction of Management by Objectives

Problems when putting the change into effect

Although many companies have found acquisitions to be highly beneficial to their operations, many more encounter problems that can have disastrous consequences to the future position of the firm. Specifically, a poorly executed acquisition can harm a firm´s
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Employee turnover will be large, and integrating business processes will be difficult and time consuming. Moreover, innovation has been shown to decrease after acquisitions, which can harm the strategic future of the firm. This is one of the problems the Maier GmbH is confronted with. After implementing a variety of respective business improvement programs at the company, Carboflex investigated the reasons for the lack of improvement at Maier´s middle management and staff. Carboflex decision to implement a “Management by Objectives” compensation scheme, is definitely the best way to improve the situation. The company figured out that the sought improvements towards the cultural content could not be installed from outside but needed to be achieved through the management of Maier, itself.

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