Innovation Club Med Essay

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Club Méditerranée

Club Méditerranée or Club Med, is an originally French corporation of vacation resorts found in more than 80 countries of the world. Its resorts do their job under the Valtur, Club Med, Club Med Affaires (developed for business travellers), and Club Aquarius. At the same time it operates two cruise liners: Club Med 1 sails the Pacific and Club Med 2 - Mediterranee and Caribbean’s clients. Club Med’s history begins from 1930x, when Gerald Blitz, a Belgian athlete and fighter, decided to visit Olympique’s village based in Corsica. The tent impressed him that he made a decision to establish Club med as non-profit organization with a main purpose to popularize open air life and
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Also Sandals focused on more close relations with tour operators and travel agencies. Sandals’ resorts primly located in the Caribbean Islands, when Club Med’s hotels located all of the words. It is easy to concentrate hotels at one resort place than having hotels all over the word and be competitive all over the word. Therefore, the average price for the week starts from $ 1,600 comparing with Club Med - $1400. Close to 1986 the all-inclusive industry started forming another level of competition. Its started easy to copy Club Med’s style where staff members organized and led recreation activities. The strategic differentiation was that Club Med did not include alcoholic drinks in the vacation prices. Super Club Organization, Jamaica-based resorts, known being the most sexuality oriented and inhibited resort option. Super Club includes alcoholic beverages in the package prices. Another competitor was Jack Tar Village, also Jamaica-based Company that located primly in the Caribbean territory. Jack Tar has more modern and glam image than Club Med. At the same time they launched advertising program against Club Med. Super Clubs and Jack Tar have the same activities as Club Med, but they also had some extra which were not included in the main package. This option allows them to low the total prices, because some potential clients do not want to pay the whole price for the all-inclusive package, so now they

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