Innovation Begins with Creativity Essay

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Innovation Begins with Creativity
Creativity and the creative process is seen as a human trait. These are my ideas that have been informed with some research on what creativity means to humans and how it promotes innovation. The impact of creativity on innovation is bringing together connections from someone's experience and producing something new, this is creativity and in turn innovation. Creativity requires different kinds of thinking and draws on the richness of someone’s experience, not the depth of knowledge in one field. A creative or innovation person should be able to see the big picture and gather ideas from different places. If an individual is too focused on one task, it blinds them from the ideas all around them.
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They see things in a different light and act on their experience. This can be said about Pablo Picasso. The ability to do anything you want is not conducive to creativity, but may be considered innovative. Unlimited freedom can be the most limiting thing possible when thinking of innovation. With so many possibilities, the mind is not able to grasp any idea and mental connections or bridges are not made. I believe that Picasso meant that to be innovative, a set of rules must be applied to your experience or creativity. This helps to focus your skill and attention to a narrower task. This is very typical of Picasso because of his radical new art form of cubism. This new art movement was not spontaneous for him. He had been experimenting with different ways of painting for years before he finally perfected it in his mind. He set new rules to create a new creative way of experiencing objects and space. Picasso believed that since a painting is two-dimensional, the object in the painting should be seen from multiple angles. In this example, he is using the medium of the two-dimensional painting as a way to limit his creativity and create something amazing. He had a new thought and acted on his thoughts. This is the character of an innovative and creative person.
Creative activity is inherently human and although innovation stems from creativity it is not as inherently human. Our culture is built on innovation. Throughout human history we have shown ways that

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