Innovation And Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Innovation and Strategic Management

Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography
Dobni, C. (2010). Achieving synergy between strategy and innovation: The key to value creation. Int. Journal Of Business Science And Applied Management, 5(1), 49-58. Retrieved from
The journal focuses on the ways in which an organization can achieve synergy between a strategy and innovation with an aim of value creation. The modern day strategic management has been transformed due to the rapid technological developments. Innovation is important in the strategic management process as it provides clear view of what lies ahead in an organization. Strategic management looks at the future. It defines where the organization wants to be in the future and lays down the means of getting there. In the same way, innovation seeks to devise new methods of doing things within an organization. Therefore, creation of synergy between the organization and innovation is imperative. This journal makes it clear on how to achieve the synergy. The productive era of strategies is getting shorter day in day out. Therefore, there is a growing need for organizations to look for neew ways to achieve growth and sustainability. In the contemporary world, every organization is required to create unique value to their products. This journal article examines the importance of innovation and sheds more light…

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