Innovation And Risk Management: Case Study Of ABW

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Register to read the introduction… It is safe to say that in this case ABW exhibited a high degree of innovation and risk taking in their flaunting of international sanctions and laws, a high degree of outcome orientation in doing whatever it took to make the sale, and a high degree of aggressiveness in their behavior. A low degree of people orientation was present, allowing funds to go into the pocket of an abusive dictator, and a low degree of attention to detail in the fact they were caught in their illicit activities.

A.2.2 Words vs Actions
According to their own corporate governance documents, one of their guiding principles is to:
"Promote ethical and responsible decision making…establish a code of conduct to guide the directors, the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer and any other key executives as to the practices necessary to maintain confidence in the company's integrity; and responsibility and accountability of
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can: 1) boost the sales of their products, and increase their market share; 2) help the brand attain a good reputation; 3) improve the image of the corporation; 4) attract and retain talent, and promote employee productivity; 5) reduce production costs; and 6) attract more investment and achieve more positive credit ratings (Kotler and Lee 2005). Such a laundry list of benefits explains Schonstedt Instruments' actions beyond simply wanting to be a more socially responsible company. Such benefits can make a case that companies that appear to be acting under the socioeconomic view, may very well simply be classical viewers that recognize the long term benefits their shareholders will reap. BP's Graham Baxter

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