Essay Innovation And Its Impact On Innovation

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Disruptive innovation
As of late 20th century, pursuit of sustaining innovation has been the major objective in benchmarking and achieving R&D under rapidly globalised world. In essence, it is the pursuit of efficient product access methods and the continuous global demand of change in product variety which allows disruptive innovation to both a benefit of providing newly decreased marginal utility and value propositions (Adner 2002) to high end product and services which otherwise would only be attainable by consumers with strong financial or skill power (Christensen 2016). By usage of innovative technological method of achieving expected performance dimensions with inferior technology, (Christensen and Bower 1996. Christensen 1997), disruptive innovation is created within the existing market linkages (Govindarajan and Kopalle 2006), effectively renewing and creating a consumer population from which previously deemed over-served by market (Dan & Chang 2010), benefiting consumers and providing competitive advantage to businesses when utilised. However, when businesses within such industry excessively overuse disruptive innovation for race of competitive advantage, problem of increasing customer demand for innovation, resulting in product which are over complicated, sophisticated or expensive for consumers within that market (Christensen 2016). But with all such, the question of what is disruptive innovation and its realistic effect upon the industry and its market remains…

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