Essay on Innocent Company Analysis

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Company Analysis

Table of Content

Front sheet 1 Table of Content 2

Executive summary 3


Internal analysis

1.1 Mission, core values, and vision

1.2 Value Chain Analysis

1.3 Positioning Map

1.4 Success & Survival factors

1.5 Miles & Snow Adaptive Strategy

External analysis

2.1 Segmentation Analysis

2.2 Porter’s five forces

2.2 Industry Life Cycle

2.3 PEST Analysis

2.4 Benchmarking analysis

SWOT Analysis

3.1 Recommendations

Executive summary:

This report is an analysis about the company: Innocent Ltd. This company started its way in 1998 by three
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With perseverance they managed to source their capital from Maurice Pinto, an American, London based businessman who provided them with the £250,000 needed capital. Pinto has since admitted to having made this decision more out of a sense of obligation than in the expectation of the kind of return he’s made on it – one of the best of his life, it turns out. (EN, the magazine for entrepreneurs, 2011) ‘’The idea was a simple one, like most good business strategies” Reed says. (EN, the magazine for entrepreneurs, 2011)

Just over a decade later, Innocent now has an annual turnover of around £110m, has been growing by 20% year on year and currently has a around 75% share of the UK smoothies market. (BBC New- Business, 2010). The company now produces more than 30 different recipes and sells more than two million smoothies each week through 10,000 retailers in the UK and overseas. (Young, 2009)

Internal Analysis

1.1.1 Mission statement
“To make natural, delicious food and drink that helps people live well and die old.” (Innocent Ltd, 2011) With this mission statement Innocent emphasises that they produce products that are natural and good for you. They explain that the products deliver a boost to vitality and because the products are 100% natural and healthy people will live

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