Essay on Inner Cities : Inner City

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In the past the phrase, “inner cities” has been used for years being a very popular term in the 1960’s and 1970’s to describe the run down parts of major cities. These descriptions had many negative connotations and many times have different demographic stereotypes related to them. In the past week during the presidential debate Donald Trump made a comment on the danger of inner cities which sparked a conversation about how inner cities have become city and how the term in itself is dated. Two phenomenon that prove that inner cities are no longer the big problem that Trump makes them sound is Urbanization, and the crime trends.

During the Second presidential debate of 2016 Donald Trump made a comment saying that inner cities are, “a disaster education-wise, jobwise, safety-wise, in every way possible,” (New York Times) he continued to make comments that if you walked down the street in inner cities you run the risk of being shot. (New York Times 2016) While the use of the phrase, “inner cities” was widely used in the 1960’s and 1970’s and used to have bad connotation many neighborhoods in cities in the United States are making progress and home values are raising. The violent crime that had been happening in these countries during the 1990’s has dropped significantly and many cities are much safer than they were in the past.

The term urbanization refers to the “development of towns and cities” and under urbanization comes the terms urban renewal and gentrification. There…

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