Inmates Vs Animals

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We should use death row inmates as subjects for medical testing rather than animals

The debate about using death row prisoners as subject for medical testing rather than animals is an interesting topic to discuss. This is because people always give different opinions when human life is involved. There are people who support this while other opposite it. The reasons for supposing this topic is as follow;

The main aim of any medical experiments is develop a cure or vaccines for any pandemic diseases such as tuberculosis, measles or HIV/AIDS. When prisoners are used in this research the speed of developing this vaccines and cure will be fast because the human genetic will give accurate result of how the drug
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This is through murder, rape or physical assaults. Animals in the other hand are harmless and innocent creatures. Therefore, the use of criminals in medical test is justified. When prisoners are used in medical experiments it will save tax payer lot money. This is because prisoners stay in death row up to 30 years making their maintenance even more expensive. This act will reduce crime rate because potential criminals are probably going to be deterred if they know the punishment is to serve a very painful procedure which may or may not result in death (Etzioni, …show more content…
This fact will temper with any medical study done to them because the side effect of the tested drug will be more violent to people using drugs. Therefore, drug abuse and abuse of the body will always be a setback to any medical research. This is why inmate should not be used in medical testing.

Some medical researches are expensive to find a cure and maintain regular check up. For example terminal illness such as cancer, brain tumour and diabetes are very expensive to research on. Therefore, the idea of offering criminals the latest innovation of cancer treatment while non criminals will be deprived because of insufficient fund is not a good idea. This act is like giving criminals gift for what they committed. Also taxpayer are the ones who will be responsible for paying the inmate medical monitoring.

Some death row inmates are there because of mental illness. This act will be same as force people with disability to endure medical experimentation test. Therefore, this act is same as discriminating the mentally ill. This will look in inhumane and violation of human

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