Injustices Essay: The Injustice Against The Salem Witches

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The injustice against the Salem Witches. Through the years of 1400 and 1800 a series of events took place where there was an injustice toward a group of people that were believed to be witches. These people had to turn on each other in order to survive. The fear of dying only led them to fight for survival even if it meant blaming innocent people. Although there were a lot of religious principles, people also believed witches were real. Due to these beliefs, people were executed whether they were guilty or not. There wasn’t true justice during these times, specifically “nineteen men and women, all having been convicted of witchcraft” during the year of 1692. My goal in this paper is to show you how a group of people were wrongfully convicted. The injustice against the Salem Witches began with the accusation of some younger girls.
The name of these girls were Betty and Abigail. Like it was first said the rumors about the witches started with the things that were happening with these younger girls. Betty had become sick one day and started to act out in a strange manner. “She dashed about, dove under
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But out of nowhere Tituba gave accounts of something that happened to her. She “claimed that she was approached by a tall man from Boston--obviously Satan--who sometimes appeared as a dog or a hog and who asked her to sign in his book.” By doing such declarations, Tituba in her own way confessed to being a witch. Not only did she confessed to being a witch but in her testimony, she also declared that the other women were witches. This woman was going through a lot of emotional challenges with all of these accusations and her emotional and mental state could have been affected. Declaring the other women “had flown through the air on their poles.” Not only did people believed everything she said, but the worst was to come, “witch hunting with zeal”

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