Injustice Is A Part Of God 's Will Essay

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B. Throughout the novel, Irving conveys his message that injustice is a part of God’s will. In the text injustice is shown through Tabby’s death, John’s lack of a father, and of course Owen’s demise. John’s mom served as a mother to both of the young boys, always giving them rides and paying for whatever Owen couldn’t afford. The kids worshiped her and would have done anything for her. Injustice showed it’s ugly face though and causes her untimely death as she was struck by a baseball Owen hit during a game. Tabby’s death is unjust because she did nothing to deserve her fate, she was a kind and generous woman who was loved by all. Johnny faced an unfair punishment at this time also since he lost the only parent he ever knew. Owen, ridden with guilt at being the reason for her death, also points out that god wanted this to happen. While God did not do this to spite anyone, it’s just that without sacrifices great things could never occur. Johnny spent all of his young life struggling to figure out who his true father was. His mother passed before ever telling him and the unknown haunted him. While in the moment it seemed John was stricken with bad luck, it turned out to be for the best. To the boys it felt like John was being punished for a crime he never committed by growing up without a parent. Irving had a plan in all this because John’s father was not a noble man and wouldn’t have been a good influence on the boys growing up. It was God’s will to keep them away from…

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