Gender Injustice In Canada

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Injustice: In my opinion injustice is the lack of fairness and equality between two or more

people or groups.

The Difference in Pay Between Genders in Canada

One large injustice found in the economic industry is the gap between a woman 's

average income and a man 's average income. According to the Statistics Canada data report

conducted in 2011, women made an estimated 74 cents for every dollar a man made in

relation to full­time income. This is actually better than in 1987 where women were paid only

64 cents for every dollar made by a full­time male worker. Statistics show that the gap

between male and female annual income is narrowing, but still a problem. This injustice
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Even though Canada leads the front in equal education they fall

behind in health and politics. This has even lead to the United Nations Human Rights

Committee singling out Canada in 2014 because of the large gender wage gap. In a

questionnaire Justin Trudeau has stated that he will work on making sure women receive

equal pay in relation to men so hopefully the current Liberal government will lead to closing

the gender wage gap.

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Undoubtedly, the pay difference between men and women is a clear example of

economic and social injustice.

To start, women are being paid unfairly just because they are female. According to a

study on gender inequalities in the workplace, a woman makes an estimated eight thousand

dollars less than the average man in the exact same job. Even when a woman has the exact

same level of education and experience, studies show she will still make less than her equal

male counterpart. Evidently, this is a clear injustice as women are being discriminated by

men wholly because of their gender. Without a doubt, women are being unjustly paid due to

gender discrimination.

Next, the Canadian government has let this injustice continue without making much

effort to get rid of it. As of 2015, Canada is 30th with a score of 0.74 in the list of countries

with the lowest gender gap (according to the Global Gender Gap Index). This is a drop from

2011 where Canada was 18th place with a score of 0.741. This shows that the government is

not only doing nothing about the issue, but the problem has got to the point where Canada is

actually regressing in the matter of getting rid of the gender wage gap. Clearly, the

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