Injustice During The Criminal Justice Process Essay examples

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There are four interesting cases being refuted in the courts, based on the belief of injustice during the criminal justice process. Within the three cases the accused dispute in-court identification allowance, evidence admitted and ask that evidence be suppressed. What is being determined through the reassessment is if it is within the accused rights to do so. Case 1: This case circumstances where a woman was robbed during the robbery she was able to obtain look at the robber. The woman immediately reported the robbery to the police and gave the officers description of the accused robber. “Three days later, a young man (Crain) was improperly and illegally detained. Photographs were taken of the young man and a photographic display (array) was shown to the woman”. The woman also identified Crain (the accused robber) in a police line-up. The women was a witness at the trail and she again identified Crain the defendant as the individual who committed the robbery against her. Crain was convicted but later file an appeal arguing that the in-court-identification was the "fruit of the poisonous tree"(evidence obtained illegally) and should not be used as evidence. Should the U.S. Supreme Court affirm Crain 's conviction, and should the woman 's in-court identification be allowed as evidence? Yes, it is felt that the U.S. Supreme Court affirm Crain 's conviction and exclude the allowance of the in-court identification. Why? The reasoning behind this belief is the…

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