Injuries in Football Essay

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Injuries in American football and how to reduce

Thesis Statement
Injuries in American football, can some of them be prevented? With the increase in injuries in football coaches are looking for better ways to try and prevent unnecessary injuries. Even though you cannot prevent all the injuries as a coach you want to at least prevent some. I. Explaining the content of paper preparing reader to understand the injuries and the importance of trying to prevent these injuries in American football. II. The type of serious injuries that are sustained in American football, can they are prevented or at least reduced? A. Concussions are a very common but serious injury in football. Types of hits or collisions that
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Florida was the most recent to adopt a bill concerning youth concussions with 2 more states that have it on the floor Hawaii and Michigan. Now all the laws are a little different in each state but they all have the same objective and that is to reduce concussions among youth players. (Toporek) The NFL, college, and high school football players have to undergo test before they can play again. In North Carolina a high school player that gets a third concussion within a year is done playing sports for that school year. One of the major ways that can reduce the amount of concussions is very simply making sure the helmets fit properly.(Torg) The second injury that we will discuss will be neck and spinal injuries and even though they are not as common as concussions usually these can be very severe. They can even be life threatening sometimes. There are certain spinal injuries that are not as severe but as a trainer, coach or Doctor you have to treat them all the same way and that is as with much caution as possible because you never know when it is severe or not, plus if you happen to move the player the wrong way then you could make

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