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Initiative 1: Use the expectancy theory to motivate the staffs.
Perry says he was not averse to sharing profit to his staffs but he does not know how to sharing the profit equally to them. As well as he wants to adopt the consultant’s suggestion to increase the percentage of the collections. However he also worried about the mediocre ones cannot get the enough rewards; besides, he wanted to know why this option could improve staffs’ motivation. (1) We recommend Perry to use the Expectancy Theory. We believe this theory can solve Perry’s problem well and responds to his concern. “Expectancy theory is based on the premise that a person will be motivated to put forth a higher level of effort if they believe their efforts will result in
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We have a proposal, because valence is different form expectancy and instrumentality, it could be either positive or negative (Lunenburg F.C. “Expectancy Theory of Motivation”, 2011). Hence, Perry had better know about every staff’s willingness, face-to-face meeting would be an appropriate method to get well understand to the staffs. Time Frame and Scope of Difficulty: 6 months, Difficulty
Initiative 2:Built a equally working environment.
Perry wants to make sure every staff get the equally profit sharing,but sometimes the staffs will feel inequity. Such as J. S. Adams says, “Equity does not depend on our input-to-output ratio alone - it depends on our comparison between our ratio and the ratio of others”(Adams J.S. 1963.Para.13). Therefore, we suggest building an equally working environment to make the staffs feel equally with others.

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