Personal Reflection On My Literacy Events

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Initial Reflection In my draft I was most successful in explaining each of my literacy events and connecting them to my theme. I focused on really explaining each event to make sure I was including all of the details but also so that the reader was able to understand how my literacy was formed. In the first paragraph where I discussed how I learned to read, I was going in depth with the details on how it shaped me and how it was really significant to my reading. I think I also did really well with connecting it to the Fishman quote that I used. I wasn’t really happy with my introduction or my final paragraph because I think they aren’t as specific as I would like them to be. The introduction had too much fluff and I would take it out if …show more content…
There were a few parts of my essay that I feel I should have connected to my overall claim to help make my argument stronger. Even though there were definitely some things I would have to work on, if I had to rewrite this paper I would still focus on my original literacy events because I think I was able to explain them well with doing a decent job of connecting them to my claim. I was expecting to receive feedback regarding my first and last paragraph, which were the parts I had the most trouble on, and some of capitalization and grammatical mistakes which will help me for my future papers. Overall I was glad that you commented on the things I was unsure of because it helped me see where and how I could fix those issues I was having, I now know to focus on connecting my events to the overall claim and going into full detail on my last paragraph would have helped me with the clarity of my essay. When you commented on my use of the quote I thought that was really helpful because when I was writing that paragraph it seemed as if I was using it with full detail but as I read over it with your comments, I realized that I could have incorporated her overall …show more content…
In your comments you mentioned that, “As a reader, this is the kind of transfer that I have been wanting to see this entire time. Up until now you have focused only on your love for reading, but you are now finally talking about writing and you limit it to these few sentences. This really should have been its own fully developed literacy event.” I can now see how making my creative writing its own literacy event would have helped round out my entire claim especially since my claim focuses on both the reading and writing I have done. I would go back and add in how I first found creative writing and how it came from my love for reading fantasy novels. I could discuss why I love writing and how the reading and writing that I do now and how that has impacted my literacy. I would also go into detail on the types of writing I do and why I enjoy it as much as I do reading. I think if I were to elaborate more on my creative writing as its own literacy event, it would strengthen what my claim is

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