Initial Interview Essay

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Initial Interview (Mental Status Exam)

Lonna Shelton-Soward

Liberty University

Project 1: Initial Interview
Identifying Information
Sienna Jackson-Showers a 20 year old, single female Liberty University student lives resides at 3456 Crystal Ave., Park, MD 20947. Her number is 202-789-5678 or work 301-496-2345. She is a Lifeguard and Child Care Provider at the YMCA. For an emergency contact Ty Mason number 240-789-4857 address 856 Pen Circle, Fredrick, MD 209876.
Purpose of Counseling/Presenting Problem
Would this examinee make a good Resident Assistant (RA) at Liberty University?
Physical Appearance
Presenting Appearance
Ms. Sienna Jackson-Showers is a 20 years old, African American female. She is a brave and courageous
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She was able to provide references and a resume upon my request.
Present Level of Functioning in Work/School, Relationships, and Leisure Sienna has 6 year experience working with infants, children and toddlers. She has continued to work with children through out her high school and college years. During the summer of her senior year in high school and freshman year in college, Sienna worked full-time as an intern at Lovable Care Child Development Center. She is the youngest of 6 children. Her parents have been married for 35 years and she adores her older siblings. Sienna enjoys church events, missionary trips, field hockey, skiing, swimming, traveling and family get-togethers.
Language and Speech
We built a strong rapport, she is open and cooperative. Sienna was alert and articulate, she had no problem expressing herself in a friendly manner. All questions were answered in a clear tone at normal rate of speech. Her eye contact and posture were appropriate. She had no trouble recalling childhood events and time she spent with family. She addressed the current Resident Assistant, Savon and myself by name on her way out.
Orientation, Alertness and Thought Processes
Sienna is alert, detailed and easy to follow. She can count backwards from 100 to 50 by 3s okay. She had no problem quickly naming the months and days of the week in reverse. She displays a logical thought process. Sienna revealed she is an active individual

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