Inhumane Animal Rights

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Although animals are not capable of speaking to stand up for themselves, animals deserve moral rights just as humans do. There are people out in the world that would gladly mistreat animals for their own entertainment, food, materials, and wealth, but, there also people will not allow such actions to occur for the reason that as humans, given a privilege, have a responsibility to help the poor and defenseless animals from maltreatment. Animals are victims of homeowner abuse, poaching, slaughter houses, poor medical care, and forced entertainment.
Also, animal deaths come from the meat industry where they are killed and injured in the most inhumane methods. Over 56 billion farm animals are killed. Animal rights should prevent these inhumane
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In other words, they kill them. You might not even know about this and that’s due to the fact that they change the term. They use euthanize instead of kill. They hide the bad behavior by an unknown word for many. 3.5 million annual number of companions are euthanized (or killed) in shelters. That is such a high number. Animals are like humans, so imagine 3.5 million people gone. Imagine a person killing 3.5 million people. That’s not right. Therefore, shelters should not be able to kill animals. Who are they (shelters) to end the life of an animal?
No doubt, there are shelters that don’t give the right medical treatments. When we are sick we receive medical attention; however, that isn’t the same for animals. When they get sick they undergo the decision whether they will live or not. Would it be much of them (shelters) to give the right medical treatment to animals who are just as important as us? Imagine every time you got majorly sick they just decided to kill you instead of trying to help you overcome your problem. Shelters should not be able to rob the chance of medical treatment to animals. They should not be able to take away that
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Based on an article from peta, it clearly states that penguins from Sea Life Centre and several Aquariums have been prescribed antidepressants due to the fact that they are very unhappy. Not only did this article talk about this situation but I have read many other blogs that state similar information. Animals shouldn't be receiving any kind of medication to begin with. These animals belong and deserve to be in the wild.
In conclusion, animals are here to get by just like us, but, for the reason that they cannot talk or display actions like us does not mean they should be mistreated. The story for humans is the opposite, and some do not want to see compassion but terror in an animal's eyes. Luckily, there are people that will help and make sure that people with malicious intent towards animals are shown consequences for what they have done We see that animals as different, although, they deserve the right to be treated with

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