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Being state of mindfulness bring us benefits that are good for Organizational Behavior. So it is desirable that we always keep mindfulness. However some factors prevent us from being mindful. They are called inhibitors of mindfulness I will discuss in this paper.

Often the role of the leader is highlighted more than the role of follower. However in order to achieve the goal, an organization or team need not only orientation by the leader but also corporation from followers. So followership is important as much as leadership. So here, I will explain the role of followers in the leadership process.

1. Definitions of the concepts
1.1 Inhibitors of mindfulness
Paying attention to mindfulness is important because mindfulness benefits us. And in order to keep mindfulness, we need to avoid inhibitors. So it is important to understand this concept.
There are mainly two inhibitors of
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For instance you are taking a class. You should concentrate on what professor is saying but you have an anxiety about outside of the class and you are worrying about it. In this situation it is far from mindfulness.

1.2 The role of followers in leadership process
In page 469 and 470, last 2pages of chapter13 of our textbook, it is described how followers should behave and how we can become a better follower.
There are four step process for followers to build a better relation with the leader.
A) Understanding our boss well is important.
We had better put effort into understanding our boss’s relationship style, interpersonal style, goals, expectations, pressures, and strengths and weakness. So we should ask the boss about his preference for them initiatively.
B) Also we need to understand ourselves: our own style, needs, expectations, goal, and strengths and weaknesses.
C) Implement a gap analysis between what you understand about your boss and what you understand about

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