Inheritance Essay

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Since the dawn of cognitive thought, human civilizations have sought to understand the inheritance of certain physical traits from parents to their offspring. The limited knowledge of the true mechanism of inheritance remained elusive for many generations. The role of inheritance was clear, as seen with selective breeding of livestock and plant life. This could be seen by, breeding two parental types that had specific desirable traits and getting the desired results in offspring, most of the time. Many theories of inheritance arose from these observations. Before a more profound and correct theory of inheritance was discovered, there were four prominent theories that were generally accepted. Perhaps one of the oldest theories was the first …show more content…
He selected pea plants because they exhibited very noticeable variances in their physical traits. In a closed environment he began his experiments by self-pollinating the pea plants that exhibited the same physical traits for several generations, obtaining a pure breeding plant. Once he obtained pure breeding plants for seven different physical traits he began to cross pollinate plants with differing physical traits, such as plants with purple flowers and white flowers. In the first generation (F1) it was notice that all plants exhibited one physical expression for the evaluated trait. In the physical trait of flower color, it was noticed that all plants produced were purple, and not a lighter shade of purple that would appear if blending inheritance was the mechanism responsible for the appearance of these physical traits. Mendel then crossed two plants from the F1 generation. In the physical expression of the offspring the reappearance of the white flower was observed. In all expressions of the physical traits, now called phenotypes, this pattern of the reemergence of the masked traits in the second generation (F2) was observed in a three to one ratio, in favor of the phenotypic expression of the F1 generation. Through Mendel’s methodical and tedious experiments he realized that there must be two particles, the name to which he called alleles that were responsible for the appearance of each trait. Each alleles was a part of a gene that coded for a certain phenotypic expression of a physical trait. A mathematical explanation for these traits was devised, two alleles coded for the expression of one gene, the specific alleles were called the genotypic expression and the physical appearance was called the phenotypic expression. In his life time, the significance of his work and genus would not be fully realized due to the hubris nature

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