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Strategic Business Objectives
Operational Excellence
New products, services and business models
Customer and Supplier Intimacy
Improved Decision Making
Competitive Advantage
Value Chain Model
Primary Activities
Inbound Logistics (warehousing systems)
Operations (machining systems)
Sales and Marketing (electronic ordering)
Service (equipment maintenance)
Outbound Logistics (automated shipment scheduling)
Support Activities
Admin/Management (messaging/scheduling)
Infrastructure (hardware/software used by primaries)
HR (workforce planning)
Technology development
Procurement (electronic ordering from suppliers)

IS can be used for
Synergising companies together for lower operating costs (tying together
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- There is a trade off between effectiveness and efficiency , therefore, people has to maintain a balance between effectiveness and efficiency
ESS(top)->DSS->MIS->TPS(bottom) (hierarchy) (more structured decision-making from top to bottom)
Transaction processing system (TPS)
Performs and records routine transactions
Management information systems (MIS) (structured decision making)
Provides middle management with information on company's performance
Used to monitor, control and predict performance
Converts data from TPS into reports/summaries
Decision-support systems (DSS)
Supports non-routine decision making
Uses information from TPS, MIS and external sources (competitor pricing, stock prices)
Consists of both unstructured and structured elements
Executive support system (ESS) with appearance of dashboard becoming cheaper due to customization and more users
Problem for the hierarchy: only usable for structured information information asymmetry accuracy of data
Structured Query Language (SQL) is commonly used to retrieve information from databases

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