Essay on Infromation systems

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Kaytee Diaz
Individual Project #4

Denver Goes Alfresco
Page 427
1. What type of problems was the consolidated city-country government of Denver, Colorado experiencing with document managing before instituting the Alfresco ECM system?

Before Denver started using the Alfresco ECM system there were a few problems that they encountered. There were 14 different document managing systems being used and none of the system were able to communicate or interact with each other. The IT department had many issues with document sharing and security but also the ability to audit record keeping functions. The employee productivity was negatively impacted due to wasting time locating lost documents, duplication of IT functions, and because
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It was said that the company thrives on innovation and what better than a computerized aided design system that allowed customers to design their own custom boards.

4. 4. How did the integration of online custom board design software (CBD), CAD, and computer numerical control (CNC) improve Firewire’s operations?
All of these technologies resulted in a board that is 97 percent complete, minimizing the manufacturing time, finishing process, and lessened the cost for the customer.

Colgate-Palmolive Keeps Managers Smiling with Executive page 476

1. Describe the different types of business intelligence users at Colgate-Palmolive.
There were senior managers and other casual users that receive daily an HTML table showing a series of financial and operational metrics for the day compared to the previous month and quarter, with this they are to make daily decisions and answer questions from senior executives that received the same information as them.
2. Describe the “people” issues that were affecting Colgate’s ability to use business intelligence.

Colgate’s senior managers and other casual users did not feel comfortable running ad hoc reports or drilling down into the layers of data to answer questions because the reports that they would receive were very poor. While the power users received the same reports and had to problem viewing them. Eventually Colgate’s senior managers and other casual users began

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