Infrastructure Hardware Essay

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Information Technology Infrastructure



4 IT Infrastructure: Hardware

and Software
5 Foundations of Business

Intelligence: Databases and Information Management
6 Telecommunications, the

Internet, and Wireless Technology
7 Securing Information Systems

Part II provides the technical foundation for understanding information systems by examining hardware, software, databases, networking technologies, and tools and techniques for security and control. This part answers questions such as these: What technologies and tools do businesses today need to accomplish their work? What do I need to know about these technologies to make sure they enhance the performance of my firm? How are
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The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a heavy-rail public transit system that connects San Francisco to Oakland, California, and other neighboring cities to the east and south. BART has provided fast, reliable transportation for more than 35 years and now carries more than 346,000 passengers each day over 104 miles of track and 43 stations. It provides an alternative to driving on bridges and highways, decreasing travel time and the number of cars on the Bay Area's congested roads. It is the fifth busiest rapid transit system in the United States. BART recently embarked on an ambitious modernization effort to overhaul stations, deploy new rail cars, and extend routes. This modernization effort also encompassed BART's information technology infrastructure. BART's information systems were no longer state-of-the art, and they were starting to affect its ability to provide good service. Aging homegrown financial and human resources systems could no longer provide information rapidly enough for making timely decisions and were too unreliable to support its 24/7 operations. BART upgraded both its hardware and software. It replaced old legacy mainframe applications with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications running on HP Integrity

ISBN 1-269-41688-X

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