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Selena Diaz
ENG 115

Informative Speech
I do not exercise because I do not want to sweat my hair out! My hair is easier to maintain and work when it is relaxed. I just can’t get enough of that creepy crack. These are some things African American women with relaxed hair have said at one point or another. Whether going natural or choosing to continue to use relaxers is a big decision. For those that have been relying upon relaxers for some time, going natural doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. There are several ways to go natural and still have healthy hair, determining what your hair needs in terms of products and nutrients. Deciding to take the long road of the big chop or deciding to take the short road to
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Being natural, it is important to know how much your hair absorbs because like I said before it take more for some and less for others so you want to make sure your hair is getting all that it needs. It is always best to use sulfate free and alcohol free products because they are not good for your hair. They will cause stripping and that will lead to damage of your hair. What is stripping of the hair? Well stripping of the hair is when your hair losses all its nutrients and life. It will lead to thinning of your hair that is when your hair sheds extremely too much and then you will not have that full healthy looking hair. Some people choose to do the big shop that is where you either cut all your hair off or you have it shaved. I have tried this method and I think it works best for me. Others may beg to differ so they decided to go the transitioning route. That is where you do not cut all the hair off at one time you just clip the ends as you go every few months until all the relaxed part is cut out. The natural process does take time but if you stick with it you can achieve your length that you so desire to have. You must eat right, exercise, take your daily vitamins (I prefer Biotin) and drink plenty of water, also make sure you get you recommend hours of sleep. Listed below is a list of good food for your hair.

Good food for your hair
• Eggs
• Milk
• Fruits
• Vegetables-dark green
• Salmon-fish
• Beans

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