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Topic: Seven Wonders of the Medieval World Specific Purpose: In today’s society culture is being lost to technology and money each of the seven wonders is an attribute to a culture, and this is why people should to know it. Thesis Statement: Seven Medieval wonders of the world are structural representations of the cultures that built them. Attention gain material: There are more than one world’s seven wonders. Credibility statement: “As the great civilizations of antiquity warped, the memory of the ancient wonders washed out and so the great minds of medieval age like their classical predecessors was fascinated by the astounding architecture people erected.” (All 2004).

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Since then, the Great Wall has served as a monument of the Chinese nation throughout history. E. Porcelain Tower of Nanjing 1. Built in the 15th century as a Buddhist temple located on the south bank of Nanjing, China 2. It was destroyed in the 19th century during the Taiping rebellion, a large revolt against the authority and forces of the Qin Government in China. F. Hagia Sophia 1. The Hagia Sophia started as a basilica, then a mosque, and now became a museum, in Istanbul, Turkey. 2. It was the world’s most massive dome for a thousand years, and was considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture. G. Leaning Tower of Pisa 1. This Tower of Pisa structure was started on August, 9, 1173 and completed in 1319. It has seen much events since its construction and

survived nine centuries keeping the world in tender-hooks about will fall and will not fall. Although the tower leans too much to be inhabited now, it was once, and it gives evidence to the resilience of the Italian. 2. According to Kerala Articles (2007), “The Leaning Tower of Pisa has one more tryst with history as Galileo Galilee also a native of Pisa used this tower to prove his theory by dropping two cannon balls of different weights and established before the public that mass of a material does not affect acceleration due to gravity (things of different weights if dropped will fall in the same speed). Before this experiment the whole world

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