Jordan Belfort Informative Speech

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Ahmad Hariri
Informative Speech: Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort
Introduction: In December 2013, “The Wolf of Wall Street” stayed at the top of the charts in the box office for multiple weeks and the Wolf has inspired teenagers and adults alike across the globe with his story. But, who is the wolf of Wall Street? In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort had a net worth of millions, but today he’s paying off millions of dollars worth of debt.

I. Jordan is a stockbroker.
A. 1) He is a fifty two year old American stockbroker also known as “the wolf of wall street”.
2) A natural salesman, he launched a business selling meat and seafood in the 1980’s, but the company soon had to close.
B. 1) He started working on Wall Street in 1987. 2) In
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II. Jordan was nicknamed “the wolf of wall street”
A. 1) He defrauded people from millions of dollars.
2) He used the “pump and dump”
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In 2003, Belfort was sent to prison for four years and personally had to pay a fine of $ 110 million.
After 22 months in prison, Jordan Belfort was released from jail and turned his life around.
IV. He turned his life into a memoir so that others would learn from it.
A. 1) He published his first book, The Wolf of Wall Street, in 2008 speaking about his financial life and advances.
2) He published his second book, Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, speaking about his life after prison and after all the millions.
3) In 2013, his first book was adapted into a film starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
B. Belfort lives in Los Angeles to be close to his two children.
C. He is operating his new company called Straight Line which helps people build wealth through a series of sales training programs and market training programs.
D. He paid $14 million of the $110 million that he owes.
E. He has toured around the world as a motivational speaker earning him around $30,000 per

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